A Black guy ordering Chinese food in Chinese (English Subbed CC 한글자막)


Posted on: August 23, 2017

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Turn on CC for the subtitles. Thank you so much for all the help! Make sure to turn on CC to see the caption! If you want to add other languages, you can add it through this link as well!!! Update: English subtitle is up! Danish is up! Now... Do you want to see "Black guy ordering Korean food in Korean" ? Let's make this a series! Maybe call it #LanguageChallenge ? XD We will make the Korean video if we get 10,000 likes. Thank you! James's video for his chinese class assignment. He had to make a video of ordering food in a chinese restaurant in Chinese. What do you think about his Chinese? Lily's Blog How we met Our love story compilation Our first video posted on youtube Our pictures when we were dating Dating Asian and Interracial Dating James and Lily on the rooftop Being goofy in Itaewon in Korea James Speaking Korean My parents ran into James Black and Asian true love story Boryeon Mud Festival- James getting drunk If you don't listen to your Asian girlfriend Our wedding pictures Our photos before and after our wedding Our trip to Kenya Waiting to be picked up before the wedding in Kenya Our Baby Yuri was born!!! Our Silly and Funny Moments Yuri's first birthday

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